Somewhere South with Chef Vivian Howard

senior designer for markay media
After five seasons of A Chef’s Life, chef and author Vivian Howard serves as both student and guide in Somewhere South. Exploring cross-cultural dishes through the professional and personal relationships she has with southerners of many backgrounds, Somewhere South lets viewers meet their neighbors while exploring the foods that bind and define the American South — one dish at a time.
My Contributions
Over the course of three years, I spearheaded all aspects of design for Somewhere South. As the sole designer for Markay Media, my job was to collaborate with the director and producers of the series, along with stakeholders at PBS to produce any form of printed or digital design to assist with everything from pitching and fundraising for the project, to delivering the show, and marketing the show.
Somewhere South logo by Margaret McNealy, McNealy Design
Coming off the heals of A Chef's Life, the previous docuseries produced by Markay Media featuring chef Vivian Howard as the host, it was important to be able to distinguish the difference between the projects. Somewhere South was slated for Primetime and one of the main goals from stakeholders was to reach new and younger viewers. 

Given the nature of how exhaustive the content was, we knew digesting the information and connecting the dots could be a challenge for viewers. Especially since we only had 1 hour to tell the story and history of cross cultural dishes per episode. To help bind and define those elements of the series, we illustrated certain segments and utilized illustrated maps for geographic and historic reference. 

I began by developing the brand elements of the show to work cohesively across multiple mediums. Keeping in mind the current and new audience we were trying to reach, I chose to create elements of the brand that would push the boundaries, but not alienate our original viewers. Bright and inviting colors along with playful yet legible typography anchored the project in a way that enabled variety and cohesion between the animated segments, illustrated maps, website design, social media graphics, printed pieces, and merch. The elements that were initially created for video worked well across web and printed pieces alike and allowed the brand to flourish. 
• Pitch Deck
• Sponsor/Funding Documents
• Title Design
• Brand Design
• Lower Third/Video Graphics
• Illustrations
• Web Design
• Social Media/Marketing
• Event Signage
• Screen Printing
• Weekly Newsletters
• E-commerce
Somewhere South branding by Margaret McNealy, McNealy Design
Somewhere South t-shirts designed and printed by Margaret McNealy, McNealy Design
Somewhere South dvd design by Margaret McNealy, McNealy Design
Somewhere South social media graphics by Margaret McNealy, McNealy DesignSomewhere South website design by Margaret McNealy, McNealy Design
Somewhere South sfiha illustration for PBS by Margaret McNealy, McNealy Design
Somewhere South panzerotti illustration for PBS by Margaret McNealy, McNealy Design
Somewhere South applejack illustration for PBS by Margaret McNealy, McNealy Design
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