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Hi, I'm Margaret, a designer based in Durham, NC.

I am a freelance designer with an extensive background designing for print and digital experiences. I love music, wearing t-shirts, doc films, traveling, and a good challenge! I enjoy working with clients who are committed to creating products or experiences for the greater good. I'm also really interested in the emerging world of web3 and NFTs.

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My Skills & Services

With skills in multiple fields of design, I am the perfect person to hire when you're looking for someone to take your project from concept to completion. With over 14 years of experience working as a freelance designer, in addition to experience as an in-house designer at print companies and full-service design and development agencies, I am confident that whatever your needs are, I can take on the challenge. I am an award-winning designer with a wide range of design, printing, and marketing skills. I understand color theory, layouts, typography, and the design world as a whole which has enabled me to work on a variety of projects across multiple industries.

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Graphic Designer

The natural evolution of my career has landed me at print companies and agencies where I've built invaluable skills. Mastering the foundations of design has enabled me to work on everything from branding to package design, video graphics, marketing collateral, and more.

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Screen Printer

Whether it's textile or paper the tactile experience of screen printing is cathartic and brings out the maker in me. I once hand printed over 5,000 T-shirts to raise money for hurricane relief. The effort ended with nearly $65k being donated!

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Web Designer

Designing and building websites has always been a passion of mine. It's a medium that, as technology evolves, always provides a good challenge. It also gives me the opportunity to tell the full story of a brand while thinking about the user and their needs.

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UI/Visual Designer

The evolution of design is fascinating. As we continue to move into a digital first society, the possibilities are limitless. As an empathetic data-driven creative, I'm able to understand users and solve complex design problems in order to create visually appealing products.

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I'm always looking for new opportunities to apply my skillset so drop me a line if you feel like my skills and your needs are a match. Full-time projects, part-time projects, whatever... Let's chat!

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