The Guru School

Brand design, Print Design, web design
The Guru School, created by Coach Mike Jones is a non-profit gym that offers premier basketball skills training and mentorship to children. In addition to basketball training, they offer an After School Program, Tutoring, Spring and Summer Camps, and they participate in Community Outreach Programs. Coach Jones is dedicated to providing an affordable space for children to grow intellectually, physically and emotionally. He is passionate about giving kids access to resources that they wouldn’t normally have and empowering every child and young adult to achieve more.
My Contributions
I've know Mike Jones since middle school. We grew up playing sports and as we have advanced in our careers, we both have been committed to providing as much as possible to the youth of our community. So it was a no brainer that I would take-on helping Mike build out his brand and create pieces to get his gym up and running. We started with creating his brand, promotional printed pieces, and his website ahead of The Guru School's grand opening in 2020.
The Guru School logo design by Margaret McNealy, McNealy Design
The Guru School business card design by Margaret McNealy, McNealy Design
The Guru School door decal design by Margaret McNealy, McNealy Design
The Guru School t-shirt designed and screen printed by Margaret McNealy, McNealy Design
Working with Mike at The Guru School was a very organic process with an agile-like approach. After getting to know what Mike wanted to offer at The Guru School, it was apparent that what he was creating was not your typical basketball trainer business. The build out of the brand needed to be approached in a manner that allowed for ideas to grow as they were presented. After narrowing down his core objectives I came up with the tagline, Basketball Training and Mentorship and began designing a logo that could encompass a host of offerings. We approached assets as they were needed and eventually built a clean cohesive look and feel for The Guru School that allows for the organic growth of the school, while still maintaining its core personality.
• Logo/Brand Design
• Copywriting
• Wall/Floor Decals
• Cut Vinyl Signage
• T-shirts
• Business Cards
• Web Design
• Social Media
The Guru School website design by Margaret McNealy, McNealy Design
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